Diana Garnet (J-Pop Singer and Voice Actor)- Shining Spotlight S1 EP13

If you’re a fan of Naruto, then chances are you’ve probably heard Naruto Shippuden Ending Spinning World. The Japanese is song so wonderfully, you would think that she’s from Japan. What if we told you she’s from the United States….


Have you ever been curious on how the process works with creating a song for an opening or ending of a major anime series like Naruto.

Here’s our interview back in 2018 with the multi-talented Diana Garnet!

Shining Spotlight: Diana Garnet ( J-Pop Singer and Voice Actor)

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S1 EP12 Sakura Haruno Girl Interview (Experienced Cosplay Pro)

Gods Of Life: One Shot Chapter
Video Interview down below

Fantastic time sitting down for this interview with “Sakura Haruno Girl”. With a fandom of almost 1,300 and rising, she’s cosplayed dozens characters like “Faye-Cowboy Bebop” ,”Yoko-Gurren Lagann”, and one of our personal favorites “Motoko Kusanagi- Ghost in the Shell”. . Her passion for cosplay started since she was only four years old, first starting off with Disney characters and then later into Anime once she was older. To us at Shining Otaku, it sounds like the most natural shift in considering the influence Disney’s animation has had on Japanese animation had in it’s early beginnings to creators like “Osamu Tezuka -The Father of Anime and Manga”.


As our first cosplay guest on Shining Spotlight, she enlightened us about what makes cosplay a fun thing to do no matter who you are. “Everyone should do it at least once” said “Sakura Haruno Girl”. And who are we to disagree with that.



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Sakura Haruno Girl’s Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/Sakuraharunogirl-672339529449397/

Sakura Haruno Girl’s Youtube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/SakuraHarunoGirl1

Shining Spotlight: Interview with Sakura Haruno Girl

Shining Spotlight with Sakura Haruno Girl– Experienced Cosplay Pro!?

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S1 EP11: Unlikely Heroes Interview ( Densetsu no Mangaka)



Shining Spotlight: Unlikely Heroes Interview

They've come to the rescue! Let's have fun! Share this around.?

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They’ve come to the rescue! Mostly known for the web manga series “Densetsu no Mangaka”, they are a group of multi-talented individuals who focus on creating manga, animating, and even have a presence in the cosplay scene.



S1 EP10: Morgan Kollin (CEO of Youmacon)


Shining Spotlight: Morgan Kollin founder of Youmacon

Shining Spotlight: Interview with Morgan Kollin the founder of "Youmacon".

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Youmacon is the largest Japanese Pop culture convention in Michigan as well as one of the fastest growing in North America. Sitting close to the heart of Shining Otaku, we’ve gone to Youmacon since 2012. It was a pleasure to sit down with the man who started it all and continues to make amazing down to earth experiences for all that attend.

Not familar with Youmacon?

Here’s a link, we definitely recommend it: http://www.youmacon.com/